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“What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others.” – Pericles 

The BARTHOLOMEW SOCIETY provides a meaningful way to recognize individuals now for the investment they have made in the future of Bartholomew County.

 Bartholomew Society members plan for future gifts to the community through estate plans which build or add to endowed funds at Heritage Fund. Through the Bartholomew Society, Heritage Fund is able to acknowledge these individuals during their lifetime.

For many, a gift from their estate is the most meaningful gift ever. It preserves their family name and creates a charitable legacy that supports the causes that matter to them and their family forever. A charitable gift to the “Bartholomew Society” of the Heritage Fund also allows children to continue family involvement in charitable grant making.

Bartholomew Society members will always be recognized as contributing members of their generation, leaving a record of generosity and support for the charitable causes of our community – for future generations to see and respect.

Heritage Fund is grateful for the individuals who, through thoughtful planning, have made provisions for these future gifts. We thank the members of the Bartholomew Society for their foresight and commitment to the Bartholomew County community.

Many individuals have quietly made Heritage Fund a beneficiary in their estate planning but have not informed us. Others have consented to have their names included in the list below with the hope that it will encourage others. Currently, Heritage Fund is honored to recognize 93 Bartholomew Society members.

Anonymous (5)(1 in 2012)
Kathryn Anthony*
Bill Barton
Tom and Lynn Bigley*
Carole Bonnell*
David Borcherding and Susan Pickens
Robert N. Brown*
George W.* and Glowdine E.* Budd
Mary Ann Clark
William Bruce* and Wanda Dalton
Ann Daniel*
Forest and Marsha Daugherty
Randolph H. Deer
Marion* and Kay Dietrich
John P.* and Ann S. Ellis
Loren K. and Margaret A. Evans
Cleve and Dorothy Francoeur
Brad and Jeannine Gonsalves
Aileen Marshall Graham*
Anne Grayson*
Eugene and Mary Gurthet
A.W.* and Lucille* Habermeyer
Jerry E. Hasch
Scott F. Heise
Jim and Mary Henderson
Paula Herlitz
Bud and Ann Herron
Ryan and Jean Hou (2013)
L. Edward* and Mary Jean* John
Richard L.* and Ruth Johnson
Lavon Julbert*
Donald* and Catherine* Jurgemeyer
David and Barbara Kirr
Edgar* and Delora* Lauther
Larry A. Lyday
Louis Meek III (2012)
Martha L. Middleton
J. Irwin* and Xenia* Miller
Lynn and Janice Montgomery (2011)
Pia O’Connor
Frances C. Olinger*
John and Margaret Parke
Howard and Joan* Pearcy
W. Gladys Pitt*
Millie Reeves*
James Riffle
Helen Rowell*
Marguerite Rust
Mike and Phyllis* Ryan
Adrienne E. Savage
John and Carolyn Seltzer
Sharon Risk Stark
Margaret Stevenson *
Gregg and Judy Summerville
T. Randall Tucker
Larry I. and Nancy E. Van Epps
Chuck and Rosanne Watson
Robert* and Marie* Weber
Alice Weichman

* Denotes deceased
( ) Indicates the year joined

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