Stock/Securities Gift Procedures

Thank you for considering making a stock gift to Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County. Once you have decided to make a gift it is essential you notify us to ensure timely sale and processing of your gift. Service to our donors is our highest priority. PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the Heritage Fund Gift Policy (revised and approved by the Board of Directors 2/9/2000) -Valuation of non-cash contributions and the preparation and filing of IRS Form 8283 or other required forms for the purpose of obtaining a charitable tax deduction will be the responsibility of the donor.

If you have additional questions please contact our accountant or Vice President of Development directly:

Bob Casey - Accountant;  Lisa Shafran - Vice President of Development
Heritage Fund – the Community Foundation of Bartholomew County
538 Franklin Street
Columbus, Indiana 47201

Heritage Fund is a 501(c)(3) organization. EIN: 35-1343903

Heritage Fund has brokerage accounts at three institutions. Contact names and phones numbers are listed below. Contact Heritage Fund Development staff for brokerage account numbers:

Edward Jones
Ken Free – 812-378-0022
DTC Clearing 0057
FBO: The Heritage Fund of Bartholomew Co. Inc. 

Hilliard Lyons

Scott DeDomenic – 812-372-7892
DTC Clearing 0768
FBO: The Heritage Fund of Bartholomew Co. Inc. 

Raymond James & Associates (First Financial Bank)
Patrick Crimmins 812-376-1962
DTC Clearing 0725
FAO: The Heritage Fund of Bartholomew Co. Inc.

Stock in your brokerage account
If the shares of stock are in your brokerage account at one of the listed institutions, notify them, sign Gift Letter authorizing the desired shares to be transferred to the Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County, Inc. account. If the shares are at another brokerage firm, notify your account representative to transfer your shares to the Heritage Fund account at one of the above institutions.

Stock certificate (physical form) in your name
Come to the Heritage Fund offices. We will assist you. We will contact a broker. You will need to sign a gift letter and stock power exactly as the stock certificate reads (do not sign back of certificate). If you are delivering a stock certificate that has more shares than your gift, a new certificate will be reissued back to you for the remaining shares you wish to keep. There may be a fee for having the certificate reissued.

Other Securities
Mutual fund shares, government securities, and tradable precious metals are a few of the other types of securities that may be gifted. The proper handling of your gift is important to Heritage Fund and to you as the donor. The IRS requires special documentation and proper execution of your gift to quality for a tax deduction. Please consult with your tax adviser for details.



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