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Inspiring Generosity

through creative, responsive and considerate donor support is fundamental to everything we do. We are fortunate to have generous and creative donors who truly love this community and are inspired to find ways to give back. The staff of Heritage Fund is proud to help make Your Philanthropy Your Way possible.

Gathering and Growing Community Leaders 

that are representative of the whole community and understand the values that have created so much success here must guide our actions. We want  to continue to encourage a legacy of community-focused leadership, and we are excited by the array of backgrounds, skills, cultures, religions, sexual and gender orientations, races, ages, abilities and languages we have locally. We want to help engage every person who seeks a seat at the community table and is willing to work to make our community better.

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Acting with Impact 

to bring the full range of resources offered by the community foundation to have lasting influences on the areas of Downtown Vitality, Youth Development and Arts, Culture and Architecture. By steadily focusing our resources on these impact areas and working in partnership and collaboration with community experts, Heritage Fund hopes to bring about real and lasting improvements. 

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We help people invest in the causes that matter most to them. 



We fund grants for local nonprofits and scholarships for students that positively impact our community.


The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County

Your Philanthropy. Your Way.

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We foster community leadership in all its forms.

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With nearly $90 million in charitable assets and more than 400 managed endowed and scholarship funds, we enhance the quality of life in Bartholomew County through the collaboration with community partners.

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