‘Experience of a lifetime’

‘Experience of a lifetime’

Caniece Leggett, above, with fellow attendees at the 2018 research conference in Cape Town, South Africa

Columbus native Caniece Leggett enjoyed the opportunity to present research findings from her doctorate work in Cape Town, South Africa, thanks in part to support from the African American Fund of Bartholomew County.

Caniece, a CSA-New Tech High School (East) graduate and member of Second Baptist Church, received her bachelor’s degree from Manchester University and achieved her Clinical Doctorate of Occupational Therapy from the University of Illinois.

She said she chose her field to help make a difference in individuals’ lives by working with many populations in many different settings.

“I decided to pursue occupational therapy because I thought it was a great combination of understanding the physiological part of an individual as well as helping an individual psychologically since they are going through many changes during the time they would be needing therapy.”

The weeklong Cape Town conference was a chance for the Chicago resident to share her research, including data on older adults’ technology usage and better health. She thanks the AAFBC for its support.

“Receiving the grant from AAFBC gave me an experience of a lifetime. Through this opportunity, I was able to network with people from many continents and exchange information with those that were interested in my research topic for possible future collaborations.”

Tom Harmon, AAFBC president, was pleased the fund could provide assistance to “an outstanding young woman.”

“To have an opportunity to play a small part in her educational pursuits was an honor,” he said.

Caniece’s future plans include exploring occupational therapy positions and consultations with businesses to see that work environments are set up to prevent injuries. She plans on using her degree to continue doing research to provide more evidence-based interventions.