Field of Interest Fund Grants

Thanks to generous community members, Field of Interest Funds have been established at Heritage Fund to support specific charitable purposes. Grants awarded from Field of Interest Funds must align with the stated purpose of the fund.

Please contact the Grants Manager with questions about Field of Interest Funds or the grant application process.

African American Fund of Bartholomew County

Purpose: To improve the African American community in Bartholomew County through education, leadership development, economic/career development, health awareness, and arts and culture

Open for Grants: Please contact the Grants Manager for specific details about the application process

Borcherding Visual Arts Fund

Purpose: To support visual arts projects and programs within Bartholomew, Brown, and Jackson counties

Open for Grants: Yes

Friends of the Children Fund

Purpose: To serve the needs of children in Bartholomew County who are experiencing problems at school due to family financial concerns

Open for Grants: Yes

Aileen Marshall Graham Children & Youth Fund

Purpose: To support children and youth programs

Open for Grants: Yes

No Child Hungry Fund

Purpose: To support programs to alleviate childhood hunger in Bartholomew County

Open for Grants: Yes

Benjamin R. (Mickey) King Fund

Purpose: To support projects and activities involving diversity, inclusion, and outreach in our community

Open for Grants: Yes

Mildred A. Reeves Early Education Fund

Purpose: To support youth and early education programs

Open for Grants: Yes

Schicke Children and Youth Fund

Purpose: To support boys and girls in Bartholomew County

Open for Grants: Yes

To Apply for a Grant from a Field of Interest Fund

Please send an EMAIL to the Grants Manager with the following information:

1. Your name
2. Your title
3. Organization name
4. Your email
5. Your phone number

6. Total project cost
7. Amount requested
8. Brief description of nature/need for assistance
9. Additional information to support your request

Who May Apply?

Organizations classified as 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charities by the Internal Revenue Service are eligible for grants. Public entities such as schools, municipalities, and libraries may also qualify. Organizations must be located in or provide services for the benefit of Bartholomew County. The applying organization must be current on all grant reports due to Heritage Fund.
Grants will not be made:

  • To individuals
  • To faith based organizations unless the project in question is not religious in nature, is not restricted based on faith, and involves no faith based proselytizing