Scholarships: FAQ

How do I apply for the scholarships administered by Heritage Fund – The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County?
To apply for the scholarships administered by the Heritage Fund, you will need to complete an online application here. If you require assistance or computer access, contact the Scholarship Manager at                 812-376-7772.

How do I determine if I am eligible to apply for a scholarship?
Check our listing of scholarship criteria, available on this website or included on each online application. Every scholarship administered by Heritage Fund is listed.  Due to fluctuating market conditions, not all scholarships may be available annually. Criteria may include certain academic requirements, specific majors, financial need, attendance at specific colleges and/or participation in a particular sport or extracurricular activity.  Please review the criteria for each scholarship carefully.

In addition to the majority of our scholarships that use the Combined Scholarship Application Form, several other scholarships use their own applications.

What steps do I take to complete the application?
Applicants must first go the application page on the Heritage Fund website to create a user account and log in to access our scholarship listing and applications. After clicking “Apply for a Scholarship,” follow the instructions and ensure that all sections are completed (percentage of completion will be indicated) in order to submit an application. Applicants may save their applications and return at a later time.

After I have submitted my application(s), what happens?
You will be informed by email that your application has been received. We recommend checking your spam folder in case messages are delivered there.  Recipients will be notified by mid-April.

How are scholarship recipients determined?
Each scholarship application is thoughtfully and carefully reviewed by a selection committee of community volunteers. Some scholarships require an interview.  Usually these interviews are conducted during the school day.  For high school students, arrangements are made through the school guidance offices so that students may be excused from school.  These interviews last about 20 minutes.

What documentation is required for my scholarship payment to be made?
Scholarship recipients will receive a Scholarship Acceptance Agreement that will outline the conditions of the award. Students must sign and return the form, along with any required documentation.  If the scholarship is to be paid in two or more installments and has a GPA requirement, grades from the most recent completed semester may be required before the next installment will be paid.

It is the student’s responsibility to submit all required paperwork for payment. Heritage Fund will not send reminders. Students will have one year from the date of their award to claim their scholarships. Failure to do so could result in cancellation of the scholarship.

Will the check be made to me or to the school which I am attending?
All scholarship payments are made directly to the college, university, camp or private instructor on the student’s behalf,  usually beginning with the fall semester.  Emailed notification will be sent to the student informing that payment has been made.

If a scholarship is for private music or tennis lessons, the students’ instructor will be paid on the students’ behalf. It is their responsibility to track lessons and payment with the student. If you are using the funds for a music or tennis camp, you must submit information about the camp to  Heritage Fund for approval.

If I withdraw from classes, am placed on academic probation or do not attend classes one semester for some reason, what happens to my scholarship?
We request that scholarship recipients inform the  Scholarship Manager of any changes in their status as students.  If you have any extenuating circumstances, we will work with you. If not, the the scholarship for that semester will be cancelled.