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10 years from now, what will our community wish we would have done today?

Each year, Heritage Fund grants over $600,000 to local organizations through our grants programs. These grants fund community-wide initiatives, programs, and organizational needs that improve the quality of life for the people of Bartholomew County.

Our grant making is focused on driving change into the future, and promotes philanthropic solutions to our most pressing community needs.

Areas of Impact

Utilizing input from community experts in healthcare, economic development, social services, government, and the arts, Heritage Fund created a list of Areas of Impact that will drive proactive grant making in the years to come.

Community Fund
Other Grant Opportunities
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Kyle Hendricks

Manager of Community Impact


Please contact the Manager of Community Impact, Kyle Hendricks with questions about grant opportunities at Heritage Fund at 812-376-7772.

Youth Basketball Game


Analytical Engineering, Inc. (AEI) is partnering with Heritage Fund to provide financial assistance for area youth to participate in athletic and fitness programs. Kids' sports can be expensive and participation can be prohibitive for those with financial need. Through this fund, AEI hopes to provide additional access to athletic and fitness activities to youth with financial barriers to participation.

AEI Youth Sports
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