Grant Programs

Community Fund Grants

Heritage Fund supports nonprofits serving Bartholomew County through the Community Fund. Each year, through generous support from community members, this fund distributes approximately $500,000 to nonprofits through a competitive grant application process.

Field of Interest Grants

Thanks to generous community members, Field of Interest Funds have been established at Heritage Fund to support specific charitable purposes. Grants awarded from Field of Interest Funds must align with the stated purpose of the fund.


Have a question about our grants program or how to apply? We’ve compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions to help you. You can also contact the Grants Manager at any time with questions you may have.


Kids’ sport can be expensive and participation can be prohibitive for those with financial need. Through this fund, AEI hopes to provide additional access to athletic and fitness activities to youth with financial barriers to participation.


The goal of the Heritage Fund’s grant program is to achieve the maximum impact with the available resources. The Heritage Fund will consider grant applications that:

  • Are change-orientated and problem-solving in nature. The Heritage Fund does not generally provide operating support.
  • Strive to anticipate the changing needs of the community and to be flexible in responding to them.
  • Address the needs of a significant number of community residents and provide the greatest benefit per dollar granted.
  • Encourage support from the community by using matching, challenge and other grant techniques.
  • Have a broad funding base, with additional support being sought from the government, foundations, associations and other funders.
  • Enable grant recipients to achieve certain objectives such as capacity building, and/or increasing efficiency, effectiveness and fundraising capabilities.
  • Request technical assistance or specialized help with projects that respond to community needs.



  • To not-for-profit organizations whose programs benefit the residents of Bartholomew County.
  • To qualifying organizations that provide a responsible fiscal agent.


  • To individuals.
  • For events, performances, seminars or trips unless there are special circumstances which will benefit the community.
  • For individual school needs unless approved in writing by the school administration.
  • To faith based organizations unless the project in question is not religious in nature, is not restricted based on faith, and involves no faith based proselytizing.


Please contact the Manager of Community Impact with questions about grant opportunities at Heritage Fund. Call 812-376-7772 and ask to speak with the Manager of Community Impact.