African American Fund of Bartholomew County

African American Fund of Bartholomew County

Established in 2013 to help educate and inspire African Americans in Bartholomew County by focusing on:

  • Education
  • Leadership Development
  • Economic/Career Development
  • Health Awareness
  • Arts & Cultural Events

Fund Purpose: The purpose of the African American Fund of Bartholomew County is to enhance the quality of life for the African American community  and therefore the broader community.

Vision for the Future: We see a future where African Americans who make their homes in Columbus  Indiana do so as part of a vibrant community that is welcoming and nourishing.  We expect to have access to educational and work opportunities that support both personal development and the ability to live fully and contribute back to the community.  Our intent is to support processes to encourage a true exchange of knowledge  understanding and an ongoing collaboration and inclusion of all people regardless of ethnicity or gender.

Founding Members: Tom & Mary Harmon, Gil & Dawn Palmer, Dennis & Paulette Roberts, Charles & Lorraine Smith, Ben Downing & Lori Thompson, Donald & Shirley Trapp