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What are the most pressing needs in Bartholomew County?

This is a tough question to answer but Heritage Fund’s Outreach Committee is up to the challenge. The committee has assembled a cross sector group of representatives that gathers data and input from various sources including: healthcare, education, economic development, social services, government, and the arts. The data and input from those sectors help us understand where Heritage Fund resources can best be invested to drive the greatest impact.  This Continuous Outreach process directly informs the community foundation’s funding priorities.  The Outreach Committee also directly engages where necessary to serve as a catalyst to get more activity in focus areas.  Those efforts can include things like convening meetings, advocating for topics, and providing hands on support to get an effort going.

Heritage Fund’s Board of Directors periodically review and approve the Areas of Impact and most recently determined those in 2022. These areas, listed below, are a particular focus of our foundation grant making.

Areas of Impact

Downtown Vibrancy

Youth Development

Art, Culture and Architecture

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