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Heritage Fund Announces 2020 Love Where You Live Campaign

Heritage Fund announces 2020 campaign to grow assets of the Community Fund and increase grant-making capacity. The Love Where You Live Campaign seeks to raise $150,000 to be invested for the long-term benefit of the community. Individuals as well as local businesses are encouraged to “Love Where You Live” with a donation to the campaign to support community initiatives.

Tracy Souza, HFBC President & CEO, said, “2020 has brought a number of challenges to our community. Times like these are why we invest for the future and why we have a Community Fund. This year showed us that we can’t know what the future holds or what needs may arise – but we can be prepared. ‘Love Where You Live’ is not only about celebrating all the ways that our community is a special place – but also about ensuring that those things continue long into the future. It’s about sustaining the quality of life we enjoy and innovating new ways to enhance our community while building a better place for those who come after us.”

Each year thanks to community generosity and a sound investment policy Heritage Fund of Bartholomew County (HFBC) makes more than $600,000 in grants from the Community Fund to address various community needs as they arise. This year donor designations and grants from our Community Fund allowed us to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic in the following ways:

  • $25,000 went to support Emergency Relief through the United Way and helped individuals and families negatively impacted by COVID-19

  • 7,500 free face masks were made and distributed through a partnership with the Columbus Area Arts Council and Columbus Regional Health Foundation to keep community members safe

  • $100,000 is allocated in Organizational Resiliency grants to help our area non-profit partners rebound in 2021

The campaign unveiled a new design on October 14, 2020 by local artist Jenni Kiesler (see attached). Jenni is a lettering artist and owner at Keywords Co. specializing in customized typography, chalk art, digital lettering, and painted murals.

Regarding inspiration for her design Jenni said, “I wanted to capture subtle elements that make Bartholomew County charming. The beginning of my design concept was inspired by eating Swiss Maid donuts on the Hope Town square with some friends this summer.”

Community members who make a donation to the campaign will receive an exclusive decal featuring the 2020 LWYL Design.

Residents of Bartholomew County are encouraged to join HFBC on social media (Facebook/Instagram @heritagefundbc) to share pictures and comments about why they “Love Where They Live” using tags #2020LWYL and @heritagefundbc.

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