• Kelly Geckler

Sans Souci Receives a 2020 Organizational Excellence Grant from Heritage Fund

Receiving the Organizational Excellence grant in 2020 had both an immediate and lasting effect on Sans Souci. When Sans Souci was awarded the funds, this allowed our organization to attract or retain a strong leadership team by offering attractive salaries and benefits. Since receiving these funds, Sans Souci has fulfilled or retained the Operations Supervisor, Program Coordinator, Community Outreach Coordinator and HR Coordinator positions.

While some plans had to be put on hold because of COVID-19, we have been able to resume most of the plans now that we are into the 2021 year. One of the first things that resumed with the new year was our Employee Development training. Employees attend training two to four times a month on topics such as soft skills, budgeting or operational training.

Another project that was paused but is now resumed was the continued work on restructuring our Sans Souci University program, an intensive program that will be required for employees to attend that will feature a wide variety of training designed to aide them in reaching or retaining self-sufficiency.

Having talented individuals serving in these roles has been invaluable to our organization. Since hiring these positions, we have seen a positive increase in several areas across our organization such as store sales, social media followers, more internal organization, the ability to raise our starting wage and outstanding growth in dozens of employees. All of these positions are crucial to the growth and future of Sans Souci and we wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of friends like the Heritage Fund.

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