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Update from Su Casa on Utilizing the WGC 2020 High Impact Grant

Since October, Su Casa has served 20 families with rent and utility assistance. In November, the spouse of one of our most devoted volunteers was hospitalized with a brain tumor. After it was removed, he and his wife who are self-employed stayed at home recovering. Without an income, it was difficult to meet their expenses. Then they contracted COVID. The work of our staff and volunteers kept them afloat financially and mentally. Now this volunteer is back in the trenches with us energized and happy.

Su Casa helped me with the bills that we had and food baskets at the start of the crisis when my partner and I had COVID, I am very grateful! I also had the opportunity to be vaccinated recently. I was turned away at a local vaccination site because I did not have documents*, but Su Casa was able to advocate on my behalf and quickly help me find an appointment with the National Guard who were very kind.” – Graciela Martinez

* It is important to note that a state issued ID is not required by the health department to receive your vaccine. Nevertheless, administrators and pharmacists are making their own interpretation of the instructions to demand a driver’s license or ID card thereby denying one of the most affected populations their right to a COVID vaccine.

Su Casa is currently in the process of updating our long-term strategy. The actionable items associated with our goals are no less than the development of a summer program for students in the Taylorsville and Parkside area focusing on flattening the summer slide experienced most extremely by low income and minority students, creating a robust immigration strategy which will include clinics that avoid the cost of lawyers by helping clients submit their own immigration forms, re-establishing our Employment Readiness class in partnership with McDowell, and connecting clients with their own Primary Care Physician (at VIM Care, the Seymour Clinic, or elsewhere). We already have a head start on our DACA Application Fee Payment Program which pays the $495 fee to apply for DACA. Our hands are full, but we are excited for the future!

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