The 1OO

Care about your community? 

Consider an investment in the future!

Heritage Fund introduces The 1OO Campaign

What is the 1OO?

1OO community members that care about their community and want partner with Heritage Fund to invest in the future.

How does it work?

Members of the 1OO make a donation of $1,000 to the Community Fund.  Your donation is combined with donations from other members and partners including 10 lead donors that each provided $10,000 to match The 1OO contributions.  At the end of the campaign we will have raised $200,000 for the benefit of the Columbus community!

Then what happens?

Compound interest works its magic!  Heritage Fund invests campaign funds along with a larger pool of assets.  Over time funds grow and distributions are used to address the changing needs and build a better community.  Thanks to a smart investment strategy – these funds will continue to grow and exist FOREVER!

For example $200,000 invested in 1976 (when Heritage Fund was founded) would equal more than $2million today!

What kinds of projects will be funded?

We don’t know what needs will arise in the future but past projects from the Community Fund include: rebuilding the Commons, pre-k initiatives, opioid abuse prevention, and millions of dollars in support of our local nonprofit agencies.

Who can join?
Anyone that wants to invest in the future of our community!  Individuals, families, businesses, clubs, church groups.  Make a pledge and pay over time, or pool your gift with a friend or family.  We want you to be a part of The 1OO.

AND… there’s a party!

In addition to joining a special group of philanthropists, every member of the 100 will receive an exclusive invitation to THE party of the future! That’s right, you can join us 20 years in the future on Saturday, June 12, 2038 as we celebrate the growth of the Community Fund and share ideas for current and future grants.  Location TBD.

How do I join?

Make a $1,000 donation to the Community Fund by clicking here.  Select “Community Fund” and indicate “The 100”  in special instructions.  Want to make your donation over time? Contact Kristin Munn at or (812) 376-7772 to make a pledge and payment arrangement.

 Join the 100 and invest in the future of your community!