Welcoming Community Survey

We are pleased to share the results of the 2018 Welcoming Community survey! The survey was open to all Bartholomew County residents from September 10 to October 15 and covered the topics of: access to information, inclusivity, friendliness and ability to get involved, entertainment, equal opportunity and fair treatment for all, and sense of community. Over 1,770 people completed the survey.

A committee of community members and Heritage Fund staff and board members analyzed the survey results. The committee noted the following key findings and created overall survey themes to guide our continuous improvement efforts to become a more welcoming community.

Key Findings:

  • Results showed overall improvement, though it was noted that Columbus as a whole is unevenly welcoming, particularly as it relates to those in lower socioeconomic classes, racial and ethnic minorities, and the LGBTQIA population.
  • All minority racial / ethnic groups rated community inclusion below average overall, though the Hispanic population noted levels of perceived inclusivity and equality higher than any of the other minority groups.
  • Access to information continues to be the area where the community desires the most improvement. Community members note a need for a common community calendar and access to community information in a timelier manner.

Click HERE to see the full survey results or HERE for the 2018 Welcoming Community Handout.

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