Women’s Giving Circle Responds to Pandemic

Women’s Giving Circle Responds to Pandemic

We have been watching with concern as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to spread throughout the world. We are aware that so many in Bartholomew County are in crisis as they cope with job loss, food insecurity, childcare needs, and so much more.

The Women’s Giving Circle is responding to these challenging times with an additional $5,000 relief grant given to Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center specifically to be used for female-headed households affected by the pandemic. This grant compliments the $5,000 micro-loan program started in 2019, which we are now forgiving through the remainder of this year.

Diane Doup, Director of Community Outreach at Lincoln Central Neighborhood Family Center shares responses of loan recipients upon the news that they do not need to repay the money:

“Are you serious?? That is amazing! I don’t even know what to say! That is a huge relief for me. Could you please pass along my appreciation to the group, and let them know how grateful I am for the help I received to begin with as well?”

“What a blessing!  Thank you so much!  I’m so grateful for everyone’s kindness.  God bless you and all involved with the Women’s Giving Circle”.\

The Women’s Giving Circle will revisit the micro-loan program again in 2021.