Grant Process

Organizations interested in submitting a grant request should make initial contact with the Heritage Fund's Community Grants & Outreach Manager by phone or by letter of inquiry. If the grant request meets funding guidelines, the organization will be invited to submit a formal request.

The Grants Committee, which consists of Heritage Fund Board members and community advisors, meets quarterly to review grant applications. Grant requests receive final approval from the Board of Directors. The Heritage Fund is unable to fund every application received. Applicants are requested not to publicize their funding request until it has been approved. An organization can expect a decision regarding its application within 60-90 days of the grant application deadline. All grant applicants will be notified in writing of the Heritage Fund's funding decision.

The Heritage Fund periodically will review each grant awarded and will require a final evaluation report from each grantee. Grantees are asked to enclose copies of news releases, program brochures, and/or publicity and photographs (when appropriate) with their reports.

Opportunity Grants

The Heritage Fund is able to consider some grant requests of up to $3,000 as Opportunity Grants. If such an application meets all funding requirements it could be reviewed outside of the regular funding cycle. This possibility should be discussed with the Community Grants & Outreach Manager.

Questions regarding the Heritage Fund Grant Application Process should be directed to Kristin Munn at 376-7772 or e-mail Kristin at

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Grant Guidelines

The goal of the Heritage Fund's grant program is to achieve the maximum impact with the available resources. The Heritage Fund will consider grant applications that:

  1. Are change-orientated and problem-solving in nature. The Heritage Fund provides "seed" money or support for the pilot phase of a program. The Heritage Fund does not generally provide operating support.
  2. Strive to anticipate the changing needs of the community and to be flexible in responding to them.
  3. Address the needs of a significant number of community residents and provide the greatest benefit per dollar granted.
  4. Encourage support from the community by using matching, challenge and other grant techniques.
  5. Have a broad funding base, with additional support being sought from the government, foundations, associations and other funders.
  6. Enable grant recipients to achieve certain objectives such as capacity building, and/or increasing efficiency, effectiveness and fundraising capabilities.
  7. Request technical assistance or specialized help with projects that respond to community needs.
  8. Positively impact the Heritage Fund's Areas of Initiative.

Grants Are Made...

  • To not-for-profit organizations whose programs benefit the residents of Bartholomew County.
  • To qualifying organizations that provide a responsible fiscal agent.

Grants Are Not Made...

  • To individuals.
  • For events, performances, seminars or trips unless there are special circumstances which will benefit the community.
  • For individual school needs.
  • To faith based organizations unless the project in question is not religious in nature, is not restricted based on faith, and involves no faith based proselytizing.
  • For agency endowments.

Questions regarding the Heritage Fund Grant Guidelines should be directed to Kristin Munn at 376-7772 or e-mail Kristin at

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Grant Deadlines

Applications should be emailed to  by 5:00 p.m. on the following dates:

  • March 1st (Targeted Grants when applicable)
  • June 1st
  • September 1st
  • December 1st

If a grant deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, applications are due at the end of the next working day. Additional items listed on the Grant Application form should be mailed or hand delivered to:

Kristin Munn, Commmunity Grants & Outreach Manager 
Heritage Fund
The Community Foundation of Bartholomew County
538 Franklin Street
Columbus, IN 47201

Questions regarding the grant process may be addressed to Kristin Munn at (812) 376-7772 or via e-mail at

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