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Leaving a gift to Heritage Fund in your will or by beneficiary designation is a great way to invest in the future of our community and make a lasting difference for the causes and organizations you care about.

We are proud to work with caring donors to develop a gift plan that honors an individual or family legacy while giving back in a meaningful way. We specialize in working with families and professional advisors to customize gift plans that fit every situation and donor preference. We also offer a wide array of funding options for your gift, including beneficiary designation, gifts from an IRA, bequests and more.

Want to include a charitable gift in your future plans? Contact Development Director, Kristin Munn at 812-376-7772.


AW & Lucille Habermeyer*

Aileen Marshall Graham*

Ann Daniel*

Anne Grayson*

Bud & Ann Herron

Chuck & Rosanne Watson

David & Barbara Kirr

Donal & Catherine Jurgemeyer*

Eugene & Mary Gurthet

Frances C. Olinger*

Gregg & Judy Summerville

Herbert Hoover*

J. Irwin & Xenia Miller*

Jerry E. Hasch

Joan Pearcy*

John & Lori Lucas

John P. Ellis*

L. Edward & Mary Jean John*

Larry A. Lyday

Loren & Margaret Evans

Margaret Stevenson*

Marion & Kay Dietrich*

Millie Reeves*

Nancy Warren

Pia O'Connor

Richard L. Johnson*

Robert N. Brown*

Ruth Johnson*

Sharon Risk Stark

Tamara & Christopher Iorio

W. Gladys Pitt*

William Bruce*

Adrienne E. Savage*

Alice Weichman*

Ann Ellis

Bill Barton

Carole Bonnell*

Cleve & Dorothy Francoeur

David Borcherding & Susan Pickens

Edgar & Delora Lauther*

Forest & Marsha Daugherty

George W. & Glowdine Budd*

Helen Rowell*

Howard Pearcy

James Riffle

Jim & Mary Henderson

John & Carolyn Seltzer

John & Margaret Parke

Kathryn Anthony*

Larry & Nancy Van Epps

Lavon Julbert*

Lynne & Janice Montgomery

Marguerite Rust*

Martha Middleton*

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond C. Boll*

Paula Herlitz

Randolph H. Deer

Robert & Marie Weber*

Ronald Luther

Scott F. Heise

T. Randall Tucker

Tom & Lynn Bigley*

Wanda Dalton

* Denotes Deceased Members

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